The Biography

Sunpriet Walia is a leading entrepreneur in Ludhiana and is founder of “Sharp Lubes”. It is an automobile oil, industrial oil and grease manufacturing business that caters to the need of various industries and common people. He is an aspiring mastermind with certain ingeniousness who has achieved a great success at his young age.

He is not only a successful businessman but also:

  • A leading entrepreneur
  • A start-up Founder
  • A Motivational Speaker

Sunpriet was born on 28th December 1986 in Ludhiana in the house of a businessman. His father was a trader of auto parts and tire tubes in Ludhiana. His father’s trading business was going well, but suddenly his grandfather’s demise shattered the family. His father converted his business strategy into oil trading after two-three months of the birth of Sunpriet. But the year 1993 was exceptionally challenging. Diligently, his father had made the quick inception of his oil trading business. However, there were some threats to oil purchasing at that time.

Sunpriet was not a very sharp student during his school time. He was shy and introverted when it comes to expressing his feelings. He completed his 12th from St. Thomas School. However, he had completed his 10+2 study, and again the question of the future puzzled him what to do next? Such kind of dilemma never stopped him from becoming an entrepreneur.

After that, he pursued a Bachelor in Computer Applications. After completing his graduation, Sunpriet was clueless about what to do next, so he opened his horizons for life surprises. However, he consulted his uncle, who was a retired Army General, about his future studies. While taking into consideration the ideas from his uncle, he has decided to pursue BCA. His family had never said “No” to the young soul; thus, post their approval, he took admission in GNIMT, Ludhiana, for the BCA course.

Despite hard work and dedication, the results for the first semester did not come out satisfactory. Thus, to improve his performance and become a rank-holder, he tried and worked hard in his second semester and was ranked 3rd in college. Similarly, his 3rd and 4th semester went well, and he successfully sustained his good old record in these semesters. During his 5th semester of BCA, he started losing hope and desire in the software application course.

Apart from that, a boy with acute shyness and introverted behavior successfully surpassed all his weaknesses after entering college. He was outstanding in college, and he developed an inclination towards spirituality. Therefore, Sunpriet had partaken in various debates and gradually overcame all his obstacles in expressing thoughts. 

Sunpriet knew the significance of pursuing a Master’s degree. Therefore, he had thought of accomplishing MBA from a foreign university. As money had never been the obstruction for him letting his wish to be successful, his mother insisted he pursues an MBA. Therefore, he started preparing for the CAT examination.

His inclination towards International education was due to family pressure, but the young boy’s mind was busy cooking dreams of having his business. But no matter what, a master’s degree is essential; thus, he got admission in London for his MBA. Although his fees were being paid all the time, he was not interested in continuing further.

Leading Entrepreneur in Ludhiana

He had a willingness to run a business and own a factory in the future. Thus, he started his journey of exploring the possibilities, grabbing the opportunities, and establishing an auto parts factory with a conviction to become the best in the industry. He had completed his three months of internship in a factory, his interest in doing something on his own improved.

Well, working for more than three months in the automobile industry, he had put all his efforts into learning marketing and business aspects. Nevertheless, he didn’t face immense pressure from his family as his family background was quite established. He had a passion for being a successful businessman like his father, even if he did not know how to convert his business ideas.


It is said that it doesn’t matter how far you run. If something is written in your destiny, it will happen. Similarly, becoming an industrialist was in his blood, and it was what his future wanted.  Therefore, after a long, well-thought discussion with his father, and signed a contract for three months in which his father said to explore his options; otherwise, he will have to join the family business.

Finally, he joined his father’s office in 2008, and the rest is history. After joining his father’s office, he tried to follow fruitful work schedules every time and succeeded. He offered his father to market their company’s products, and his father did not object and the rest is history.

He visited the industrial plots and people’s doors for doing the effective marketing of the products. Being a hard-working person from starting, he saw 3 places on his first day, and interestingly, he got positive responses from the market, which boosted his confidence. 

However, there were bad days. There were days when he had to face disappointment as nobody allowed him to enter the industrial premises for marketing his product. Those days were hectic and unfortunate for him, but it didn’t suppress his strong desire. He was in the marketing department from 2008 to 2013, which made him understand the city market.

With his soft skills and experience, Sunpriet had gradually acquired more clientage as he had to travel a lot for his business from new states. Sharp International is the brainchild of Mr. Sunpriet Singh Walia’s father, and he passionately worked for its establishment and branding.

Apart from having his own business, this man had another dream of running a petrol pump. Therefore, he applied for a Petrol pump and got outrightly rejected by the authorities. Heartbroken, he went to Bangalore to his spiritual Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji’s ashram, where he shared his desire in a note. He wrote a letter to his Guru and dropped it in the letter basket with a prayer. And, as he came back, Ludhiana, he got the message of the re-opening file of Petrol Pump, which he feels is nothing less than a miracle in his life. 

After that, he got a warm invitation to the interview and got selected for 25 successful people to run Indian Oil Petrol Pump. Driven by passion, Sunpriet couldn’t think of sitting idle and doing nothing interesting every day; thus, to test his innovations and expand his business, he came up with another strategy.

Suddenly, he decided to begin with the manufacturing of Greases in the year 2013-2014. His business idea of grease manufacturing didn’t get any profit or sales for the initial three months. Therefore, for a better marketing strategy, he chose to involve foreign customers. His international trip got successful, and he got many orders.

Sunpriet followed the “Next New Better” mechanism as he had extensive knowledge and enthusiasm in machinery. The year 2019 proved to be a profitable growth for his company as he bought machines from the very first order. 

Sunpriet became a successful businessman and opened up his branch in Canada also. Here he had assigned more than 30 employees and having a substantial annual turnover.

When he was 17 years old, he had joined the Art of Living. He gave all his accreditation of being expressive to this Art of Living. He had also visited various schools and colleges and provided lectures, intro talks on spirituality, meditation, and its need in today’s time. Despite that, he also performed TTC under the guidance of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and became an Art of Living teacher intending to bring transformation in other people’s lives.

Due to the inclination towards spirituality, he has a habit of waking up at 4.30 am. Being an ardent lover of spirituality and a follower of ISKCON. He generally keeps faith and believes in motivating students with real-life examples, ISKCON Teachings, and Art of Living lessons. To maintain a healthy life, he regularly chants early morning from 5.15 am to 7.15 am, followed by yoga.  Spirituality is the foundation of his life and helps him in accepting challenges as disguised opportunities.    

Moreover, his leading intention is to make India enriched with industries and a proper employment place. He plans to stay in India and wants to motivate the youth to aid in developing the country, so nobody ever has to leave India for better prospects. Like many other dynamic and enthusiastic entrepreneurs, Mr. Sunpriet Singh Walia promotes the “Make in India, Stay in India, and Work in India” concept.

Sunpriet innovated upcoming business ideas to grow internationally and succeeded creating the below entities :

  • Sharp Lubes
  • Fuel Retailing
  • Organic Farms
  • Hospitality