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Sunpriet Walia

“Fearlessly work for my dreams and ferociously play by the rules” – Sunpriet Walia. He is the leading entrepreneur of Ludhiana, Punjab and also a great supporter of Make in India Initiative and Vocal for Local.

He is the founder of “Sharp Lubes”. The company is a prominent manufacturing unit of automobile engine oil, industrial oil and greases. Along with this he’s into hospitality and fuel retailing as well.

My Establishments

The company has achieved landmark achievements in quality products and customer satisfaction globally.

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Organic farms where agricultural activities are done in imitation of the structure of a natural system to increase cultivation.

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Fuel retailing is done under Sri Sri Filling Station which is the premium fuel retail point in Ludhiana under Indian Oil Corporation Limited

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“Become a man of Value and Substance. Success will follow you.”

Realistic, Measurable and Achievable
Sunpriet Walia was always willing to run his own business and factory. “Every Challenge is a Stepping stone towards creating a better future.” His struggles were hard but he did not step back. “If it is a path breaking Idea, then fuel it with Confidence and Persistence. Challenges will become Opportunities.”

What determines the success in business?
“Your persistent attitude, consistent actions and a fearless mind creating opportunities from every obstacle.”

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• Maintaining the Right Mindset
• an Intense Focus on the Customer
• Developing and Executing the Right Strategy
• Vision for the Future
• Time Management & Productivity
• Networking & Relationship Building


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Sharp Lubes is the product of Sharp Internationals. Started by Sunpriet Walia, the company has accomplished landmark triumphs in excellence products and customer satisfaction. Our Mission is to take Quality Indian Petroleum Products worldwide with the apparition to promote Make in India and make global local by sidestepping all barricades through proficient use of modern technology.

The Sharp Lubes vow to quality and invention is replicated from the statistic that we offer a varied line of finest conventional & synthetic engine oils, gear oils, greases, industrial oils and other automotive lubricants specifically articulated for all round fortification to your engine and machinery. The company beliefs has remained unaffected since its beginning. Our constant growth and victory is based principally upon the company’s establishment philosophy of providing the finest products and services available, at economical prices. We take pride in attending our customer through our extensive & prolonged distribution/trader network.

Accomplishing self-sufficiency in organic farming through superior agricultural production of agricultural possessions so as to make organic farming a maintainable and feasible vocation providing livelihood support and best health to the consumers. Various crops and vegetables are cultivated in our organic farms using the best suitable methods without any pesticides or harmful water. In simpler terms, organic farming is a method that involves growing and nurturing vegetables or crops without any use of synthetic based fertilizers or pesticides. And no genetically modified organisms are permitted as fertilizers. The need of organically grown crops are increasing as the final crop is free from any harmful ingredients and is fit for human consumption.

Sri Sri Filling Station is the premium fuel retail point in Giaspura Ludhiana. This is under Indian Oil Corporation Limited, also known Indian Oil. It was started in 2013 by Sunpriet Walia. Our Retail Brand “Sri Sri Filling Station” guarantees high – quality modified “Consumer Care”. Our Filling Station perception targets to provide the assertion of personalized Service and Consumer Accessibilities.

While scheming the conditions of services for Sri Sri Filling Station outlet, Indian Oil has count on upon the opinion received directly from consumers. We grasp that patrons are highly aware of the fuel that goes into their vehicles – each  outlet conveys the declaration of Indian Oil ‘Good Fuel Promise’ and distributes the right quality and quantity of the fuel.

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